Customer reviews

When using our assistance

What our customers say about our service when they need to call on us for assistance:

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When buying a policy

What our customers say about us when enquiring about, or buying, a policy:

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Source of results and methods used

A sample of customers and policy holders of all vehicle types are sent an email with a unique link to a survey form. Forms are returned anonymously, unless the respondent chooses to add an email address requesting further contact.

All ratings are considered in the results.

All comments are published apart from:

  • Blank returns
  • The answer ‘no’ where, for example, we ask if the customer would like to make any further comments
  • Responses that make no sense (such as “123cjjjbbvv”)
  • Overlong responses, which we may publish in part
  • Anything that we consider abusive, or potentially libellous about a third party (but we haven’t had any of those yet)

If you have a comment or complaint about any area we always welcome customers who contact us directly in order that we can explain or resolve the situation.