Third Party Administration

When it matters most

Your customers are the most important asset you have, and what's more important is giving them the service and support they expect. At National Breakdown we understand this principle well.

There's nothing worse than needing service from your insurer when their offices are closed, or having to wait for a decision to be made when you are stranded in the middle of nowhere following a road traffic collision.

This is where we fill that gap. Operating 365 days, we seemlessly provide a professional, white labelled service to your clients. From a simple call log to a full 24 Hour third party administration service, including roadside rescue and recovery, collection and delivery of broken down or accident damaged vehicles, overnight storage, all at guaranteed prices. 

Your brand

For many Companies the quality of their choice vehicle, warranty or insurance supplier is an important symbol of their own personal values and their business goals.  Your brand communicates a strong message in each of these areas and is recognised for its integrity, its quality and popularity.

We understand that the day to day service we provide must uphold your own brand values, and will also act as a signpost to other products and services which are also supplied by you under your brand.

Service Options

When you are looking to service scheduled breakdowns in a transparent, efficient and effective manner 

We provide:

  • 24 Hour call handling service with time management & recording a priority.
  • Recovery services based on the pricing matrix.
  • White labelled solutions where calls are answered and dispatched in your name.
  • Dedicated phone lines.
  • Deployment via ANS and Turbo Dispatch.
  • Technology driven solutions such as text messaging keeping your client updated.
  • Managed incidents from start to finish.
  • Individual and bulk reporting of logged incidents.
  • Monthly Mi and Bordereaux reporting.