If Your vehicle breaks down due to mechanical or electrical failure, which occurs during the course of a journey, service will be provided in accordance with the policy wording. We will provide cover for any breakdown and any costs involved with the roadside assistance or recovery to a local garage (excluding parts and labour) during the period of insurance and within the territorial limits detailed within the policy wording.

If Your vehicle breaks down please call our 24 hour Control Centre on 01274 288 488. Please have Your return telephone number, policy number and precise location available when requesting assistance.

Any fault or suspected fault with the Vehicle should be addressed immediately and You must contact us as soon as You suspect a fault may be occurring or may have occurred. We will log Your details and You will be asked to stay by the telephone You are calling from or offer an alternative number. Where applicable, the Approved Incident Excess will be requested at the time of the Approved Incident. Once we have validated Your claim and identified Your location, We will begin to make the necessary arrangements to assist You.

Please remember to stay safe at all times while remaining with or close to Your vehicle. Once the VRO arrives at the scene please be guided by their safety advice.

If You are broken down on a motorway and have no means of contacting Us or are unaware of Your location, please use the nearest SOS box and advise the police of Our telephone number, and they will contact Us to arrange assistance. If the police are present at the scene, please advise them that You have contacted Us or give them Our telephone number to call Us on Your behalf.

How we process your claim

We understand that suffering from a vehicle breakdown can be worrying and stressful. Once We have validated Your policy by checking Your details, the level of cover in place and the status of Your Vehicle We will contact Our network of Vehicle Recovery Operators (VROs) and deploy assistance to attend at the scene of the approved Incident. We will always attempt to deploy assistance appropriate to the circumstances; however, this will depend upon the symptoms and circumstances
described to Us by You and the availability of resources within Our VRO network. 

Estimated time of arrival (ETA)

The VRO will provide Us with the Estimated Time of Arrival at the scene of the Approved Incident. We will provide the ETA to You by text message. The VRO may arrive at a time significantly earlier or later than the ETA given. This can be due to many reasons, including workload, weather and traffic conditions. Where possible We will provide You with updates by telephone and/or text message. Because of this it is important that You remain with the Vehicle until the VRO arrives on
scene. If You are not on scene when the VRO arrives You will incur additional charges and/or refusal of service.

Investigating symptoms

The attending VRO will assess the symptoms experienced in relation to the Vehicle. Please note that it is not possible for the VRO to undertake diagnosis at the roadside due to the complexity of equipment required and the working environment. Where the VRO is able to undertake a safe and timely temporary repair at roadside, this will be carried out. Otherwise arrangements will be made to recover the Vehicle. Please note that it is Your responsibility to nominate or make arrangements with any workshop to which the Vehicle is recovered. Roadside repairs will never be carried out where faults are suspected in relation to safety related items, such as steering or brake systems.

Repairs undertaken at Roadside

Any repair made at the roadside is deemed to be a temporary repair and You must have the vehicle inspected by an appropriate garage and the repair made permanent immediately. Further requests for assistance within 14 days relating to the same or a similar fault will be refused or attended on a Pay On Use basis only.

Incidents where we decline to provide service

Service is always provided in line with these policy terms and conditions. Where We decline to provide service We will explain the reasons for this to You, and provide this to You in writing upon request. We may be able to offer You assistance on a pay-on-use basis where a claim has been declined. Please note that We will always decline to provide service for non-covered events, and if the Vehicle does not have valid current MOT and Road Tax, which we check via the DVLA in relation to each incident.

Road Traffic Collision

If you are involved in a collision, please call Our 24 hour Control Centre on: 01274 288 488 where We will arrange assistance on a pay as you go basis.