This table explains the levels of cover available and the associated services each level of cover provides.

Domestic Use

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
  Single Trip
    UK Roadside Assistance 
  Tick   Tick    Tick    Tick    Tick
    Assistance at Home
   -   Tick    Tick    Tick    Tick
    Local Tow
   Tick    Tick   Tick    Tick    Tick
    National Tow
  -    Tick   Tick    Tick    Tick
    Mis Fuel Assistance
      Tick    Tick    Tick
    Onward Travel
  -   -   Tick   Tick   Tick
    European Assistance*
        Tick    Tick
    Repatriation from EU**
        Tick    Tick
    Accident Management
   -    Tick    Tick   Tick    Tick

Roadside Assistance
We will assist you at the roadside and try to restart or mobilse your vehicle.

Assistance at Home
We will attend at your home address if your vehicle breaks down.

Local Tow
If we cannot restart your vehicle at your home or the roadside we will tow it to a local garage or your home within 15 miles.

National Tow
Where we cannot restart your vehicle at the roadside and a local repair is not possible, we will tow you and your passengers along with your vehicle to a local garage or your home address anywhere in the UK.

Mis Fuel Assistance
We will attend at the scene of the incident and remove the contaminated fuel, add clean fuel and start your vehicle.

Onward travel
When a local repair is being carried out locally we can provide a hire car (48 Hours) or public transport for you to continue your journey.

European Assistance
If you breakdown abroad we will attend at the roadside or tow you and your vehicle to a local repairer. Overnight accommodation or replacement vehicle can be provided whilst your vehicle is being repaired.

If your vehicle cannot be repaired abroad, we will look to repatriate the vehicle and passengers back to the UK.

Accident Management
Our team will assist you in arranging recovery from the scene of the accident to your home address or onward destination.

* applies to vehicles 10 years old or less.
** applies only to vehicles weighing 3500 kgs or less. 

Please note: we cover the vehicle, this means anyone driving it can call us for service.

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